KAMZAH  \kam -za\  n

KAMZAH is a brand of luxury personal care and grooming products made with high-quality plant and fruit-based natural ingredients.

Our products contain organic and/or natural ingredients.  We never compromise and always offer the highest quality ingredients.

We value Mother Earth and her many blessings. KAMZAH ingredients are fairly traded and never tested on animals.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to look my best.  Like most men, a fresh shape-up is a must to complete any look. In my mid-20s I started developing razor bumps that became inflamed, ingrown hairs were rampant and I suffered from severe hyper-pigmentation.  It became the norm for my under chin area to look this way, I figured it came with the territory of —shaving. I started to research my problem and a few years later KAMZAH was born–a complete skincare system to relieve inflammation, prevent ingrown hairs, tone and moisturize for even smooth looking skin.”  -D. Kinch, Co-Founder

KAMZAH Premium Personal Care and Grooming Products is powered by Kinch Enterprises, LLC.

Kinch Enterprises, LLC is a family owned and operated business committed to revitalizing communities through economic and outreach activities.